AJunior Olympian Dancers

In 1984, feeling the need to teach young children to Greek dance, Mary Doreza established the Junior Olympian Dancers. Named after the "Olympia Hall," children between the ages of 7-15 have learned dances from the mainland and various islands of Greece. Over the years, Mary Doreza, Genevie Papakostos Bardis*, Sylvia Mamakos Graziano and Patricia Liadis have directed the Junior Olympian Dancers. Since 1992, Michelle Kotsagrelos and Jamie Orfanopoulos have co-directed the group. The children perform in native costumes approximately a dozen times a year, including Ypapanti's Nameday Celebration, Greek Day at Kennywood, Ypapanti's Food Festival and the Pittsburgh Folk Festival. Through several years of practices and performances the children are preparing to become Grecian Odyssey Dancers.


Michelle Kotsagrelos
Jamie Orfanopoulos

Assistant Director:

Maria Bardis